Neurolinguistic strategies for the development of cognitive skills

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Mila del Carmen Cabezas Marín
Alexandra Paola Álvarez Santos
Carlos Roberto Humanante cabrera
Henry Xavier Ponce Solórzano


The general purpose of the research is to analyze how the application of neurolinguistic strategies stimulates cognitive skills to improve meaningful learning by means of a strategy guide in students of the eighth grade of the Center of Basic Education Prosecutor No 308 "Jaime Alfonso Nebot Velasco" located in the Letamendi parish of the city of Guayaquil in the province of Guayas. The approach is mixed as documentary analysis, survey and direct observation are used to obtain the data. The scope of study is determined in a finite population of 72 involved, which have common characteristics so it was not necessary to use formula; a survey was applied to this population and 8 clinical observations were made with the he purpose of establishing the basic cognitive skills for the processing of information known and used by students and at the same time the neurolinguistic strategies used by teachers and managers. The statistical method of causal non-probabilistic sampling is used as a process of obtaining, representing, simplifying, analyzing, interpreting and projecting the variables of this study; the research design is analytical-It is the synthetic and critical social paradigm that guided this research. This way of merging neurolinguistic strategies with process methodology, constitutes the fundamental platform for the development of knowledge, metaknowledge and cognitive skills, Cognitive goal, for the achievement of a system of own attitudes and values, strongly anchored in logical, critical, creative, balanced and meaningful thinking.


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Cabezas Marín, M. del C., Álvarez Santos, A. P. ., Humanante cabrera, C. R. ., & Ponce Solórzano, H. X. (2021). Neurolinguistic strategies for the development of cognitive skills. Revista Iberoamericana De La educación, 4(3), 78–99.